Best Shed Financing Options

Get personalized pre-qualified offers with no impact to your credit score.

Why TGUC For Shed Financing?

Estimate your project cost
Use our Cost Estimator technology to receive real time market data for similar projects in your area.
Doesn’t impact credit score
Get your personalized loan offers within minutes – fast financing with great rates and terms.
Competitive loan options

Shed Loans up to $100,000; Terms up to 15 years; Competitive APR’s.

Choose a contractor
Finalize your project with a TGUC Financial vetted & approved contractor. For your convenience we will pay the contractor directly on your behalf.

What Our Customers Say

"TGUC Financial has an easy application process and they reached out to ask if I needed any help! Great customer service."

-Rick Abar, Denver, Colorado

"These leads are high quality and easier to close since they are already approved for financing!"

- Sam T. Miami, Florida

"TGUC Financial has saved me tons of money by providing free leads for our business. "

- Joe F., Tennessee

"I was so happy that TGUC provided a vetted contractor. This service saved me a TON of time, headache and money because I was able to get my work done quickly and within my budget."

-Courtney S., Salt Lake City, Utah

How TGUC Works For Shed Financing

1 Pre-qualify

Fill out a form online to pre-qualify with no impact to your credit score.

2 Select offer

You receive an offer from TGUC directly since we fund loans.

3 Receive funding

After loan approval, your funds will arrive and the home improvement project starts.

Our Trusted Partners

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Get local leads delivered at no additional cost.

Get Your Hardware Shed Financing Loan Offer

Get your personalized loan offers with the best lenders in under 2 minutes. Submit your loan inquiry and let us provide you with the best rate.  Don’t delay finishing your hardware shed project for financial reasons.

Our process is simple: 

  • Create your account
  • Fill in Your Information: This form is short and sweet – but detailed! We’ve worked on trying to get the minimum information necessary for you to receive an offer.
  • View Your Loan and Get Your Loan Terms: Once you’ve completed these steps above, we can automatically make a decision on your loan and let you know immediately how much you are qualified for and the terms of your loan.
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Apply For Shed Financing

Get your personalized Shed Financing offer within minutes. Submit your loan inquiry and let us provide you with the best rate.  Don’t delay finishing your Home Improvement project for financial reasons.

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