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How to Hire an Plumbing Contractor Near Me

Our TGUC home improvement partners are vetted, background checked, and have years of experience. We match the best contractors for your project and budget. Here are some of the benefits of working with our our contractors.

  • Years of experience, so you can count on quality work.
  • Fair and market competitive pricing, so you can get value for your project.
  • Solid, glowing references, and reviews, so you can benefit from their track record.
  • Close in proximity to your project, so you will know they understand your market.
  • Licensed in their industry, so you will know they are legitimate.
  • Insured and bonded, so you can guarantee your project will be protected.
  • Can offer TGUC Financial financing services, so you can receive the best rates in the market.
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What Do Most Plumbers Charge Per Hour?

Hourly rates for plumbers can vary depending on the type of job, the size and scope of the job, the time of the year, and market conditions in the area. On a national scale, a plumber may charge anywhere from $45 to $200 per hour on average with most plumbers falling between the $70 and $120 per hour range. 

When you are paying a plumber this high of an hourly rate, keep in mind that on top of a plumber needing to be properly educated and licensed, plumbers need to pay insurance premiums and union dues, cover overhead costs, purchase equipment and tools, and keep their work vehicle well maintained. Their personal income is what remains once all of these expenses are covered.

What Should I Look For In A Plumbing Contractor?

If you are looking for a plumbing contractor in your area, there are five key factors that you need to consider before making a hire. Also, it is important to take a look at a few different plumbing contractors that operate in your area so you can make comparisons and find the right contractor for you and your project.

Here is a quick breakdown of those five key factors.

      1. Proper license and insurance: First, and most important, is the plumbing contractor licensed and certified to operate in your state? Are they properly insured and bonded? This is incredibly important, especially the insurance. If your plumbing contractor is uninsured and they get injured working in your home, then your homeowner’s insurance may be liable.
      2. Experience: Feel free to ask the plumbing contractor about their experience. How long have they been a plumber? What kind of education did they receive? How long have they been in business? Have they completed many jobs like yours in the past? These are all good things to know before hiring a plumbing contractor. 
      3. Costs: Ask the plumbing contractor if they can provide a free estimate. Most professional contractors will come to your home, inspect the project, and prepare an estimate for you that you can use to compare to other estimates provided to you by alternative plumbing contractors. 
      4. References: Do not hesitate to ask a plumbing contractor for a list and references. Additionally, follow up on the references by writing an email or making a quick phone call or two. 
      5. Written warranties or guarantees: Most reputable plumbing contractors will have some kind of written warranty or guarantee of work. Ask them about it before hiring and make sure you get it in writing.

Do Plumbers Do Free Quotes?

Yes, most plumbers and plumbing contractors can provide you with a free estimate. They should come to your house, look at the project, and give you an estimate. Keep in mind that you should ask what costs the estimate include. Ask for a price breakdown for labor and materials, and find out if the estimate includes a contingency for any unforeseen problems that may occur. 

Although estimates can give you a ballpark idea of the costs you are looking at for your plumbing project, they are almost never 100% accurate and the total cost of the project can change once work has begun. Just make sure the plumbing contractor is open and honest about that from the very beginning.

Why Are Plumbing Contractors So Hard To Find?

Finding a quality and experienced plumbing contractor is getting harder to find these days mostly because many of the current plumbers are entering retirement age. As more plumbing contractors retire, there are fewer people graduating from trade schools to replace the outgoing generation. 

What Is The Cost Of Replacing A Toilet?

The national average cost of a toilet replacement in the US is somewhere between $210 and $680. This project price includes the cost of a new toilet, which can range between $99 and $450, and labor which can cost anywhere between $120 and $230.,replace%20or%20install%20a%20toilet.

Why Is Plumbing Work So Expensive?

There are several factors that can make plumbing work so expensive. First, plumbers are well-trained and contain a unique set of skills that are constantly in high demand. Additionally, this demand is only increasing as more experience plumbers are retiring and fewer newer plumbers are stepping up to take their places. 

Second, plumbing systems are incredibly complex with water lines, pipes, waste systems, vents, gas lines, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and dishwashers all running simultaneously. A plumber needs to be well-education, trained, and experienced to be able to identify and diagnose issues within this complex system. 

Last, being a plumber is not cheap. There are many costs associated with plumbing contracting that are beyond the scope of just materials and labor. There are insurance premiums, equipment, and specialized tools to pay for, and a work vehicle to maintain.

What Should You Not Say To A Plumbing Contractor?

Most plumbing contractors are honest and hardworking people that are not going to try to take advantage of you, however, there are still some things you should never say to a plumbing contractor. 

First, never tell a plumbing contractor that you are not getting estimates from any other plumbers. You should always get a minimum of three different bids from three separate contractors for any job. 

Second, never tell a contractor what your budget is. instead, allow them to submit a cost estimate and compare it to the cost estimates provided by other plumbing contractors you are considering. 

Last, never ask to pay the entire cost of the project upfront in exchange for a discount. Most people are honest, however, there have been some reports of contractors accepting the upfront payment and then doing a mediocre job or just simply never returning. Again, it is rare, but it does happen.

Should I Call A Plumber Or Do It Myself?

Some plumbing jobs may be simple enough that they do not require specialized knowledge or equipment and they could be completed on your own. For example, replacing a shower head. However, for more complex plumbing projects, it is almost always better to seek professional service. Attempting a project you are not qualified to handle could end up causing more damage and costing much more in the end. 

Do Plumbers Negotiate?

Some plumbers negotiate and some might see it as an insult. The best way to get a good deal on your plumbing project is to get multiple bids and compare them to find the best value for your money.

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