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Windows and doors are important to make your home safe, livable, and beautiful. If your windows and doors need to be repaired or replaced, we can help with the financing. Get quotes for contractors specializing in window and door installation and repairs.

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Our TGUC home improvement partners are vetted, background checked, and have years of experience. We match the best contractors for your project and budget. Here are some of the benefits of working with our our contractors.


  • Years of experience, so you can count on quality work.
  • Fair and market competitive pricing, so you can get value for your project.
  • Solid, glowing references, and reviews, so you can benefit from their track record.
  • Close in proximity to your project, so you will know they understand your market.
  • Licensed in their industry, so you will know they are legitimate.
  • Insured and bonded, so you can guarantee your project will be protected.
  • Can offer TGUC Financial financing services, so you can receive the best rates in the market.

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    How to Buy a New Front Door and Windows

    Licensing requirements for window and door contractors vary from state to state. Check your state government’s website for more info. Some states require a contractor’s license while other states require only a business license. And some states may delegate licensing requirements to counties and municipalities. Also check if a permit is required. This would be a city or county requirement.

    All window and door contractors should carry two types of insurance: general liability insurance to cover any damages to your property and worker’s compensation insurance to cover injuries to employees.

    Window and door contractors may also hold certifications from home construction associations. They may also have certifications from window and door manufacturers.

    Door and Window Costs and Window Contractors Near Me

    Cost Estimates for each Window Style

    Single Hung Window

    It is the least expensive among the window styles. It is the kind of window which we commonly see on television or movies, the bottom half open by sliding upwards while the other upper half stays in place. TGUC Financial can help with home improvement loans.

    Average Cost: $150 to $350

    Double Hung Window

    This one is the most common style of windows. It offers better ventilation than the single hung window. It operates by vertically opening both the top and bottom slide.

    Average Cost: $300 to $800

    Casement Window

    This type of window is commonly seen in movies with old houses from the countryside. It has side hinges and opens outwards from the middle, allowing better airflow as well as less obstructed views.

    Average Cost: $250 to $700

    Sliding Window

    Basically, this type of window slides open. Just like traditional Asian house doors, they slide open horizontally along a track.

    Average Cost: $300 to $1,000

    Picture Window

    This type of window is made of large panes of glass and does not open at all. They do not have frames or grids to obstruct them, letting the outside be viewed as a picture. They are more suitable to have on penthouses on tops of buildings where the city can be viewed and greatly appreciated at night. Another use is in houses far from the city or ones that have enough backyard space to view.

    Average Cost: $350 to $900

    Awning Window

    This one is popular in places with rainy climates. From the bottom, it opens outward while creating an “awning”, a sort of roof which allows you to leave it open for airflow even with the rainy weather.

    Average Cost: $450 to $750

    Bay Window

    This one can be considered as the most expensive window style. It is a classic window style which extends outward from a structure, making it a good place to relax especially if a seat is placed right next to it.

    Average Cost: $1,000 to $4,000

    Door Types and Costs and Find Window Contractors Near Me

    Interior Doors

    Interior door installation costs on average $750, with prices going to $1000-3500 for pocket doors and $300-1000 for barn style doors. Interior doors need to be replaced when the jambs are misaligned or damaged or the door has holes, cracks, or is warped. You may also want to replace interior doors that are out of style.

    Exterior Doors

    Exterior doors will cost about $1100 to install. High-end materials and custom designs can cost up to $20,000. Storm doors are about $200-600. Expect to pay $600-4600 for a security door. Unlike interior doors, exterior doors need to withstand weather events such as high winds and harsh temperatures as well as intruders.

    Patio or Sliding Glass Doors

    These doors start at $2000 but can cost as much as $7000.

    Garage Doors

    Garage doors are bigger and will cost on average $1200 with some costing as much as $2300.

    Questions to Ask Your Siding Professional

    • Are you bonded, insured, and licensed? Without insurance, the homeowner gets stuck with the liability.
    • How much experience do you have with the type of windows or doors I would like installed? Research the type you want a head of time and make sure your contractor has experience with this type.
    • How long ago did you start or acquire this business? They should be in business for at least five years.
    • Will you be pulling the permits for this job?
    • Do you use subcontractors or your own employees? Having their own employees means the company is busy enough to be working year round. If they are hiring subcontractors, be sure to vet them the same way you would the primary contractor. Make sure you know that there are clear lines of communication. Make sure the company does not plan to sell your project to another company.
    • Are you certified by any construction organizations or window or door  manufacturers?
    • What is the warranty? There should be two warranties: one of at least two years on the workmanship provided by the contractor and one for about 10 years provided by the manufacturer. The workmanship warranty is important because poorly installed doors or windows could invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Is window or door installation your main business? A specialist might cost more but may do a better job than a general handyman.
    • Do you have any references? They should include some work done in the past year. Ask if you can speak with the references yourself and then contact them. They should be able to provide at least three references. Also check the ratings of the door and window manufacturers.
    • Will you be submitting an itemized bid in writing? It should include detailed estimates including what materials will be used and what labor is included. If something is not included, that should be called out, not just assumed.  The more detail included, the better. Make sure to read the fine print of the contract.
    • How will you be replacing my windows or doors? Will you be taking all of them out at once before putting the new ones in? This gives you an idea of what to expect and tells you that the contractor knows how to get started and how to get the job done.
    • How will you protect the landscaping?
    • How will you work in bad weather? You don’t want them to take all the old windows and doors out first and then install new ones one at a time while a storm is raging outside or high winds are blowing.
    • How will you dispose of the old windows and doors?
    • How much followup work do you get? Windows and doors can last the length of time someone owns a home so they may never call their contractor again. But customers who need repairs or new windows or doors for an addition will call the contractor whose work they were happy with.
    • When can they start and how long will it take? This should be included in the bid.
    • What are the payment terms? It is common to require a downpayment of 20 to 30 percent and possibly payments along the way. Beware of anyone who wants to be paid in full before the project starts even if there is a discount for doing so.

    How to Choose Window Contractors Near Me

    • Get referrals. Window and door contractors who have already worked in your area will not only know the local code but will have an established reputation.
    • Check for manufacturer certifications. Window and door companies will train and certify contractors.
    • Check them out ahead of time. They should be insured and licensed and able to produce the paperwork proving it. Also check out their Better Business Bureau rating. Also look at the ratings on Yelp and Google. Read the one and two star reviews (some of them are not really legitimate complaints – look for the ones with real issues) and look at the overall rating.
    • Don’t just pick the lowest bid. Your windows and doors will need to last as long as you live there. Your guarantee will only extend to materials that have been properly installed so you want quality workmanship. Find out what kind of warranty is on your windows or doors. There should be a workmanship warranty of at least two years and a warranty from the manufacturer of 10 years.
    • Good communication is necessary. Choose a contractor that will return calls and talk with you about issues before and during the installation process.
    • Get it in writing. Your written bid should have a clear scope of work and a tight price range. Read the small print and ask about the process for out of scope costs and price overruns.
    • Don’t put up with a high pressure sales pitch. Professional contractors should give you the opportunity to look at their bid, compare it with others, and do your own research. Be wary of anyone who offers a “today only” special or requires that your spouse be present for the sales pitch (they don’t want you to be able to say, “I have to discuss this with…”).