Advantages For Banks and Lender Partners

TGUC is excited to bring prime indirect home improvement loans to financial institutions that need growth and diversification in its loan portfolio. We have a proven track record of performance in originating, underwriting, and servicing consumer loans. Our home improvement contractor partners are selected based on business experience and reputation. They have a diverse geographic area of work and customer base. TGUC will provide credit opportunities directly to consumers and to consumers of Black contractors.

The benefits will enable financial institutions to:

  • Increase loan volume without increasing operating costs
  • Obtain loans with yields that are risk adjusted and much higher than indirect auto loans 
  • Expand customer base with minimal acquisition costs
  • Grow cross-sell opportunities to homeowners and pre-qualified borrowers
  • Grow new customer deposits 
  • Provide diversity in the loan portfolio – consumer loans vs. commercial and geographic dispersion of borrowers
  • Target specific growth and risk goals


We provide prime loans that meet your credit criteria with no additional technology or overhead expense. We actively engage with investment banks, regional banks and a variety of institutional investors to fund our business, including our credit facilities that we maintain with a global investment bank and a private credit investor. To diversify our funding sources, we also seek new whole loan sale and financing partnerships. 

Black-owned Banks

The message has been, “Bank Black.” We’ve seen that this has been challenging to grow the quality asset base because customers ONLY open a deposit account with small balances. We have the ability to add deposit and loan accounts from consumers that are homeowners and would typically not be targeted by traditional marketing efforts. This program will enable significant debt consolidation and cross sell marketing opportunities for consumers and small businesses.

Community Banks

We can help expand your balance sheet, save marketing costs, capital expenses, and operating expenses by providing balance sheet and geographic diversity. We have the ability to add accounts to your balance sheet once they are a customer with the loan we originate. This enables you to add more loans to your balance sheet once they are a customer with the loan we originate.

By integrating our program into your offerings, you have the ability to expand from one loan to potentially multiple loans that increase your revenue and deepen your customer relationship with your borrower from day one. Contact us today to initiate a home improvement loan program at your bank.