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Your business must prosper in an environment driven by intense competition for increasingly demanding clients. TGUC Financial has developed a solution that allows our clients the ability to grow your business, extend payment options to all clients, and reduce collections. These benefits allow you to NOT lose any more business from clients because of equity in their homes or personal savings.

TGUC Financial understands today’s environment. Our direct-support staff, Principals, and investors are experienced in working with TGUC Financial type clients themselves. What we have done differently is created the ability to help the small- to mid-sized business owners provide financing. Our financing solution allows us to focus on the capital markets which helps you do what you do best: RUN YOUR BUSINESS.

We, too, are a business who started out with humble beginnings. Our top priorities at TGUC Financial are built on three pillars:

  • Customer Empathy – We understand that small- and mid-sized business is the life blood of our economy, so, we try to be extra patient and understanding of the needs and challenges of our clients while figuring out a solution that can help you grow and be successful with as little pain as possible.
  • Customer Service – Simply put, we know you may need hand-holding and we are here to do that!
  • Customer Results – If you can’t tell by our previous two pillars (above), we are passionate about our customers. That said, nothing else matters if we don’t produce results. We strive for results such as customer retention, revenue growth, and overall success for you.

Our founder Russell P. Bryant, III, has spent his entire career focusing on the small- and mid-sized business segment. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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