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Become TGUC Financial Contractor and Enjoy the Values

Free, qualified leads

When you become approved and enrolled as a TGUC contractor, you become eligible to receive TGUC generated leads at no cost to you. Simply complete your enrollment information, provide your territory zip codes and enter the types of projects for which you would like to receive leads. – Sign up here for no cost qualified leads


Full Spectrum lending for your customers

Provide home improvement loans to your prime customers at very competitive rates, while at the same time get approvals for your credit challenged customers to provide all customers with the funds needed to secure the projects they desire. – Register here to satisfy all customers


Promotional Financing

Ensure your homeowners secure the loans that are the best fit for them, from no payment, to no interest, to longer term low interest, to extended term, lower payment…any product your customer desires. – Give your customers what they need – here


Improve your bottom Line 

  • Close more sales by providing your customers with funds to purchase their wants.

  • Secure larger contracts by allowing your customers to get their desires rather than simply satisfying their needs.

  • GET PAID for your projects – 100% of the time!

  • Become eligible for special product discounts through manufacturers and major retailers.

  • KISS! Keep it simple for both you and your customers!

  • Make more money here


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