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How to Hire a Bathroom Remodel Contractor Near Me

Licensing requirements for contractors remodel bathroom vary from state to state. Check your state government’s website for more info. Some states require a contractor’s license while other states require only a business license. For a large remodel, you may need a specially licensed individual, such as a plumber or electrician. They would be licensed from the state they work in. And some states may delegate licensing requirements to counties and municipalities. Also check if a permit is required. Some work, like vanity replacement won’t require a permit. Moving walls to expand the available bathroom would. This would be a city or county requirement.

Every contractor to remodel bathroom should carry two types of insurance: general liability insurance to cover any damages to your property and worker’s compensation insurance to cover injuries to employees.

Bathroom remodeling contractors near me may also hold certifications from home construction associations. They may also have certifications from manufacturers of flooring, countertops, etc.

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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

A bathroom is one of the most essential parts of a house, and a little remodeling is not bad at all. The bathroom remodel cost is between $2,500 and $23,000 depending on the quality of the materials used, labor, and design. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association trends, half of their survey respondents said that they pay between $10,000 and $29,999 for a bathroom remodeling. However thirty-one percent stated they paid more than $30,000. TGUC Financial can help you find a remodeling contractor as well as assist you with financing.

The cost also varies depending on what type of bathroom you are trying to remodel, whether it is a master’s bathroom, small bath, guest bathroom, and so on and so forth.

Since bathrooms are one of the most essential parts of the house, there are many things to consider in remodeling and it increases the cost. In addition to that is the labor fee. Houzz real estate cited in Forbes the nine considerations which are plumbing, lighting, medicine cabinets, wall-hung toilets, windows, shower sills, shower floors, shower bases, and drawer storages.

Labor Rate

The labor cost for a bathroom remodel ranges between $50 to $75 per hour. However, services are categorized into two types, below are the types of service and their average cost and rate.

1. General Contractor Rates

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors play a big role in constructing your home, and they typically charge customers about 10% to 20% of the construction in your place. For a bathroom remodeling it ranges between $1000 and $2000.

2. Plumbing Services

Plumbing costs between $45 and $200 depending on the type of job, location, timing, and customer’s request. For a bathroom remodeling it usually costs about $4,000 and $8,000.

3. Non-Plumbing Services

Interior Design

Bathroom remodel design and contractors costs are between $100 and $500. Costs are dependent on the square footage, pro charges for the service, and whether they are to design or decorate or do both.


On a regular visit, most home owners pay their electrician between a range of $160 and $520. For a bathroom remodel most owners pay between $50 and $100 per hour. The rate given depends on the type of project, and the license and experience of the service provider.

Drywall Installation

For a drywall installation most homeowners pay about $30 and $50 per hour depending on the service provider, the square footage, and the request of the owner.

Bathroom Materials and Fixtures

It is not remodeling if there are no new materials and fixtures added to your bathroom. Who wouldn’t want these brand new items in their bathrooms? Below is a list of materials, fixtures, and their estimated price. The price is not fixed since they could be more or less depending on the quality.

Item Price Range
        Fixtures (toilets, sinks) $200 – $1,800
        Showers $300 – $3,000
        Bathroom vanity $300 – $3,800
        Counter tops $200 – $1,000
        Lighting $100 – $400
        Bathroom fan $50 – $300
        Flooring $200 – $1,350
        Entry doors and windows $200 – $1,800
        Painting, Ornaments, Plants etc. $150 – $550
        Faucets and Plumbing $250 – $1,450

Types of Bathrooms For Your Home

There are many types of bathrooms. You will need to browse the correct type of bathroom for your home for a more accurate and precise price estimate for your bathroom remodel. The cost of a bathroom remodel also depends on the size, it’s type, and the client’s preference. Below are the types of bathrooms and their descriptions.

Bathrooms are said to be categorized based on their size and function, and there are plenty of fixtures and materials present in each type, even the smallest type of bathroom.

1. Three fixture bathroom

This is designed for one person to use at a time, and the three fixtures can include a sink, toilet, shower cubicle or a sink, toilet, bathtub with or without a shower.

2. Compartment bathroom

The main purpose of this bathroom is to avoid humidity which is why the bathtub or the shower cubicle is placed in a compartment with a separate door while the toilet and the sink are also placed in a different compartment. This bathroom can accommodate two persons at the same time since it is separated through different compartments.

3. Guest bathroom/Powder room

It is also known as a guest bath since it only allows two fixtures which are the toilet and sink to accommodate the house guests. This bathroom is usually located near the living room.

4. Large bathroom

This bathroom is usually for couples since it can be a four fixture or five fixture bathroom that contains a toilet, a bathtub, two sinks or two toilets, two sinks, and a bathtub that are in separate compartments.

Questions to Ask Bathroom Remodel Contractors Before Hiring 

1. Are you licensed for this type of work?

This is the most important one for plumbers and electricians. Ask your contractor for a copy of their license and contact its issuing authority to confirm whether it is in good standing or not.

2. Which types of insurance do you carry?

There are a few specific answers you would prefer to hear in response to this question. First, the contractor must have general liability insurance that will come in handy in case of an accident during the project or construction. An example scenario would be where they accidentally hit a water line which flooded your house. You want to know that they’ll be the one to take responsibility for the costs of the damage. Second, the contractor should also carry workers’ compensation insurance. This will protect you from liability if someone got hurt while working on your property.

3. How many building permits have you obtained in my area over the last two years?

Make sure your remodeling bathroom contractor near me are familiar with your local building code requirements and the permitting process in your community. It’s important to find a contractor who is credible and has recently worked within your area.

Confirm that your contractor is familiar with the permitting process in your community and local building code requirements. It’s best to find a contractor that has worked before in your area.

Basically you wouldn’t want to hire a contractor who is new and unfamiliar with the regulations of your town.

4. Can you provide a list of references?

Talk to former clients who have hired the bathroom remodeling contractor near me you’re considering. Ask them about the process, as well as the final product. Discuss budgeting, timeliness, and professionalism.

Contact some former clients who have hired the general contractor you’re considering. Ask them about the process, budgeting, timeliness, professionalism, and of course, the final product.

Lastly, ask them “would you hire this contractor again?”.

5. What is an expected timeline for this project?

It is essential for you to know when the contractor will begin and end the project, especially if you have an ideal deadline. Ask about any circumstances that may push back your deadline. Ask how many projects they’re currently handling. Also, make sure the timeline is realistic.

6. Will you hire sub-contractors for the job?

Bathroom remodel contractor near me often need to subcontract work out plumbers, electricians, painters, and other specialists, especially if the project will start from scratch. Check references for every person they will hire, know their names and what type of work they do. Verify their credentials and make sure that they also have the necessary insurance requirements. Also establish how communications will work with you. Will everything go through the general contractor or will they be coming to you?

7. What kind of written warranty do you have?

All credible contractors will guarantee their work and will have a written warranty agreement. This should clearly disclose what is covered in the build, what is not, and for how long. A one-year warranty is good, but two years would be better. A separate warranty will come from the manufacturer of the bathroom materials.

8. What’s your typical payment schedule?

Don’t pay the entire price upfront, even if they offer a discount for doing so. Discuss the budget and payment terms before the work begins. It should include payment amounts, due dates, and key deliverables.

9. Will the bathroom remodel contractor near me obtain all of the required building permits?

Permits and inspection requirements vary depending on the location. This may include a county, city, or even HOA approvals. especially remodeling projects that change the structure of a home. A reputable general contractor should know the required building permits which they should handle directly for your project.

10. Will the bathroom remodel contractor near me provide a written lien waiver at the end of the project?

A lien waiver is a legal document that confirms you have paid the general contractor and all sub-contractors for all the work that was done in the project. It waives the signer’s right to file a lien on your property. Basically, it is the construction industry’s version of a receipt.

How to Find a Bathroom Remodel Contractor Near Me

  • Get referrals. Contractors who have already worked in your area will not only know the local code but will have an established reputation.
  • Check for manufacturer certifications. Bathroom material companies will certify contractors who have been properly trained to use their materials.
  • Check them out ahead of time. They should be insured and licensed and able to produce the paperwork proving it. Also check out their Better Business Bureau rating. Also look at the ratings on Yelp and Google. Read the one and two star reviews (some of them are not really legitimate complaints – look for the ones with real issues) and look at the overall rating.
  • Don’t just pick the lowest bid. You won’t be planning to do another bathroom remodel while you own the home. Your guarantee will only extend to materials that have been properly installed so you want quality workmanship. Find out what kind of warranty is on your bathroom elements. There should be a workmanship warranty of a year or two and a material warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Good communication is necessary. Choose a contractor that will return calls and talk with you about issues before and during the roofing process.
  • Get it in writing. Your written bid should have a clear scope of work and a tight price range. Read the small print and ask about the process for out of scope costs and price overruns.
  • Don’t put up with a high pressure sales pitch. Professional contractors should give you the opportunity to look at their bid, compare it with others, and do your own research. Be wary of anyone who offers a “today only” special or requires that your spouse be present for the sales pitch (they don’t want you to be able to say, “I have to discuss this with…”).

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