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Above & Beyond Pool Remodeling
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Call For Consultation: 480-830-9209

Address: 1757 E Baseline Rd STE 114, Gilbert, AZ 85233

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Christin McneilChristin Mcneil
04:12 20 May 24
We recently used Above And Beyond pool remodeling to remodel our 30 year old pool.I was having a difficult time determining which pool company to use as my husband worked with several people who had pool remodeling nightmare stories to share. Some of them taking up to six months to complete.Confused and leary, I decided to go strictly off of review rating when choosing Above and Beyond.I go into every customer service interaction with a very critical eye, ( I train customer service professionals for technology companies.) Everything from the first interaction to final inspection was seamless, professional, friendly, and without disappointment.Ray was my onsite project superintendent. He explained everything to me stage by stage and was present at my home to oversee the work that was being done, making sure that it was up to standards and specifications. He was awesome!A detail that I wanted to make sure to highlight, because I think it is very fitting as to the name of the company itself. I reached out to Ray after my project had been completed to get his advice, because my pool vac wasn’t working very well. It was a Friday night at 5:30 PM. He said give me a moment and I’ll be right there. He left a personal event that he was attending to come to my home to see if he could help me get my vacuum to work. If that isn’t Above And Beyond I don’t know what is.My pool took under a month to completeWithout question, I highly recommend 100%
Holly HeskethHolly Hesketh
22:25 14 May 24
I am beyond grateful for this place. I bought a house with a pool that has been empty for 15 years. We needed new pool equipment, decking and new spray in pebble. Robert (sales guy) helped stay within my budget and gave us a fair price. Matt (our project manager) was always a phone call away. There was some hiccups but everything was handled professionally and quickly. The before and after pictures are pretty crazy! Thank you guys!!
Beau campbellBeau campbell
02:36 11 May 24
Above & Beyond gave us a reasonable quote that also comes with a great warranty. House is for sale, so have not yet had pool done.
Carol HarrisCarol Harris
20:12 10 May 24
I am extremely pleased with the entire experience. At every stage of the project, they had the right team with the right expertise working hard without missing a beat. Matt Pham was always right on time checking in and making sure everyone and everything was as it should be, and making sure I was happy with the progress, and that all my questions were always answered. Not only was this a good experience, but I am extremely pleased with the workmanship and the beautiful new backyard I now have. Also, special shoutout to Hernand for a miraculous clean up of a really dusty sod pile. I also want to thank Scott Baldock for all of his time and attention in the early stages for really helping me to essentially design my new backyard. He clearly communicated costs associated with different ideas to make sure there wouldn't be any surprises down the road and that I would be happy on all fronts. I would recommend Above & Beyond to anyone who wants quality work, product, and a good experience with their renovation.
Kiron KaraKiron Kara
19:56 07 May 24
We had our pool remodeled great job above and beyond Alfredo was great to work with ,kept me informed on every step ,all the crews were fantastic did quality work and the front office .As a veteran thanks to michale ,would definitely recommend above and beyond.
Doug MescalDoug Mescal
23:23 28 Dec 22
Very Professional work and on time. Mike Sandoval and his crew did a awesome job remodeling our pool and decking, they communicating very well, they performed a attention to detail work. All of the employees answered our curious questions during the process of each phase they did. Very happy with the work they did, kids and I can't wait for summer to use our pool.I would definitely recommend Above and Beyond Pool to anyone whether remodeling or new install.
14:57 15 Nov 22
We just finished a complete pool and cool deck remodel with Above & Beyond Pools and we love our pool and cool deck. There were some snags as you would expect from any major remodeling project but they were taken care of right away and fixed. The company completed the work within the quoted time frame and always communicated who to expect and what to expect for each step of the process. Denise in the Showroom helped us design a pool we love and Kyle our project supervisor did a good job overseeing everything onsite. We also added a pool heater which needed some electrical work and their subcontractor Angel and his crew did a great job for a fair price.
Danny A.Danny A.
00:49 20 Sep 22
I used Above and Beyond Pool Remodeling for my remodel this summer and I have to say they exceeded my expectations! From the initial office visit giving them all of my ideas, they were very informative and helpful describing all of my options and going over the whole process. Their customer service is amazing and they treated me like a VIP through the entire process of the pool being redone. They were thorough and efficient and always had team members checking in and making sure that everything was going as planned and were there to answer any questions I had. I'm so happy with my pool! It came out better then I ever imagined!
Jayson WigleyJayson Wigley
22:46 18 Aug 22
If you're looking for a pool remodel company, search no further...We used Above and Beyond for our full remodel of our salt water diving pool, finishing up this week. Mike and his team have been an amazing company to work with. With every issue or concern the team at A A B have been right there, communicating and putting our worries to ease.Being former military, I'm really big on communication... A A B sends out emails on a daily basis to let you the next phase in the process, along with timing and other pertinent info. My pool looks amazing and I could not be more pleased with Above and Beyond. Do yourself a favor... give them a call if you need a pool remodel company - they're the best at what they do... Veteran owned, too.
Rob RettigRob Rettig
19:01 14 Feb 22
We are highly pleased with the work that Above and Beyond Pool recently completed. We moved into a home where the pool had been deleted, the equipment removed and the pool covered with a deck. It's now back in service and looks fantastic.It was a positive experience from start to finish. Everyone we worked with was pleasant and professional. With such large project there were a few issues but they were always addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Overall the communication process was excellent.The owner Mike was our job site supervisor and he deserves credit for running a great company. I highly recommend Above and Beyond Pool Remodeling.
Presidential Pools
Based on 601 reviews
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For More Information: Visit Their Website

Call For Consultation: 480-967-9467

Address: 525 E Baseline Rd Ste 110, Gilbert, AZ 85233

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Michael MuradMichael Murad
20:57 16 May 24
Better have a money saved for all the issues your going have! Waterfall isn’t working and they told us to use a remodel company! Along with plumbing issues for years
Matt NMatt N
19:37 16 May 24
Very poor and dangerous driving. Driver was on his phone and about hit another vehicle head on while traveling west bound on Hunt Highway.
Nicole CastroNicole Castro
18:16 13 May 24
On Friday, I placed a warranty ticket and the tech was here early Monday morning. All my concerns were addressed and my issue with the salt water cell was resolved.
Toni BarnesToni Barnes
18:01 13 May 24
From the beginning of planning our pool design 11 years ago with Presidential they have been so thorough & professional. We have recommended Presidential Pools to many people over the years.
S. Engel GrohnkeS. Engel Grohnke
19:19 10 May 24
Colton, Heather and Andrew -Shout out to Presidential Pools service! They are a great team! Always awesome courteous and professional in every way. The entire process was smooth in all phases. Our dream pool was completed on time for us to enjoy the Summer 🌞 🏊🏼‍♀️ 💯 Highly recommended! 😃
Al PoskanzerAl Poskanzer
22:10 09 May 24
Presidential Pools ALWAYS has great service!
Kirkury BKirkury B
14:18 09 May 24
We had a small pool installed by Presidential, after some back and forth uncertainty with the sales team. We were assigned Gary Brooks as our construction project manager. Gary was extremely knowledgeable, personable, punctual, and always responded with answers and solutions. As far as I'm concerned GARY is the Pool PRESIDENT of the Valley. Great job! 👍
laversia spencerlaversia spencer
17:26 20 Apr 23
We started out really well with Presidential Pools. The pool was built in record time as promised. Carlo started out wonderfully but when we were met with challenges from the Landscaper they provided for the design of our backyard there was absolutely no communication from him or the contractor after the pool installation was completed. To be honest, we definitely would not have sought out the particular landscaper provided on our own as new residents to AZ at the time. We were left to fight our way through the landscape completion which still isn’t entirely up to par. Nearly 7 months later, the landscaping service is a whole other issue that lead to a complaint with the BBB to complete what was done. We now need support with the caulking in the pool and water level retention for the pool. The pool workers even damaged the side of our newly built home that we ended up fixing due to them not being timely in repairs.Not everything was bad with the experience and We are certainly understanding if there is communication but, COVID has lost its legs and the lack of response from Presidential Pools has become inexcusable and unprofessional. We have called the company not less than 5 times with no response from customer service to schedule us in or even to inquire about what’s wrong.We would give this company more stars if the customer service was better. The pool is beautiful but don’t look for support in a timely manner. We are STILL waiting after over a month of calling . :(.
Joshua EaganJoshua Eagan
01:06 13 Oct 22
Interested in buying a pool? I would strongly encourage you to consider moving to Florida where there's an abundance of free beaches. But if you're truly convinced you want to make the investment, make sure you do your due diligence with regards to contracting with Presidential Pools, Spas and Patio. My writing this is not to discourage you from having said company build your pool; rather, I'd like to share some insights in better preparing you for such an adventure, one I completely regret.There are 3 major issues I've noticed that have made it a very frustrating experience working with Presidential Pools – time management, lack of communication, and lack of professionalism.Time managementUnderstand that this project will take time, a lot of time, based on the design of your project. While Presidential Pools never gave us a definite time of completion, as of this writing, it's been 15 months and the waiting and hoping continues. Yes, this process began during COVID with supply chain problems galore, but in my opinion, those responsible from our project manager to those sat behind computer screens at the Gilbert office could have been much more efficient with the excavation, shotcrete, decking, and interior finish phases.Lack of communicationPresidential Pools did email, phone, and text us, but only sporadically. There were long periods of not hearing from anyone and being confused about why no progress was made for months. At times, we felt completely misinformed on many parts of the project and hoped correspondence would have been better.Lack of professionalismThe lack of professionalism from Presidential Pools is what has convinced me I should have chosen a different company. The 20 page contract you will receive protects Presidential Pools in many ways. Make sure you know your contract well.Three times we had to employ the services of a landscaping company to fix “botched jobs” (their words) on the irrigation lines. I found that the workers would deliberately cut anything that was in their way with no regard. Twice the workers left with the irrigation lines spewing water all over the back yard. This cost us $1000 among the three visits.We also paid for pavers (concrete bricks) to be installed on the side of the house. This was started but then abruptly ended with no explanation. It has been 3 months and to this day remains unfinished.The biggest concern by far was having an electrician install and leave exposed 120V wiring near the heater and pool equipment. There was absolutely no communication (see issue #2) from Presidential Pools for us to avoid the area, as well as no word on when it would be fixed. Even more disturbing was the fact that the project manager and city inspector approved of this. How this escaped their attention was completely careless, extremely dangerous, and a safety hazard. With just enough sweat on my hands and the possibility of accidentally making contact with the 120V wiring, a fire could have been started and/or I could have been seriously injured or killed. It took Presidential Pools 5 days to fix this problem. The only reason I didn't pursue legal counsel on this matter was because I believed Presidential Pools didn't do this deliberately, but were rather inept and completely careless at inspections.In summation, the pool images generated by our custom design professional are beautiful. Presidential Pools managed to install a pool under an existing pergola with side yard access less than 5'. It would have been easier to sell the house in Mesa, relocate to the Sunshine State, and mortgage another house to enjoy those beaches than to have Presidential Pools finish this project. It's been 15 months, and we still don't know when it will be completed. Choose your pool company wisely and above all else, make sure you protect yourself and your family when the electrician comes to visit. It is with hope the same experiences don't happen to you.
Ken NolandKen Noland
17:45 21 Sep 22
This is our second pool built with Presidential Pools. From The start Karin Tierney designed an amazing pool around ideas and available space. She communicated well and made changes as ideas came up and made suggestion to enhance our pool until we had the final design. Gary Brooks our construction manager, took over and made the ideas a reality. He did an excellent job communicating and keeping us in the loop on processes and timelines. This is a construction process and things can go wrong, and did, but Gary was an active participant in our build and identified them quickly and took care of them all while keeping us updated with honest and clear communication. The result, we have an amazing pool and back yard. Gary Brooks is an excellent construction manager who builds trust, makes things happen, and delivers what is promised.
Steve KohlerSteve Kohler
03:17 13 Jul 22
After talking with 3 pool companies, we decided to go with Presidential Pools. Like any company there was the good and the bad. I know it's a very tough time to be building a pool with labor shortages, supply chain issues and parts issues and took that into account. I signed my contract at the start of November 2021 and filled the pool just in time to jump in on the fourth of July! I feel like the jewel of Presidential Pools is my project manager. Thank Garret Dow for the fantastic customer service I received throughout the construction process, if this review was just you, you would defiantly get 5 stars! Garrett was never more that a call or text a way from providing me help or easing my mind about concerns as they came up. I had some hurdles as I built the pool. My biggest hurdle was I wanted to be there as it was built so I could shuffle our dogs and some other dogs we watch as contractors came and went. Garrett was always on top of who was coming and going and when. I'm not sure how he can manage as many pools as he does. I'm sure that he has a tough job as you are always in the middle of keeping the customer happy, looking out for interests of your employer, and managing all your subcontractors. I also want to give a big shout out to my designer Brian F. Brian did a great design and got the ball rolling. Presidential does have some areas where they need to improve. The receptionist never made me feel welcome (ever) and I always felt like I was bugging her just by being a customer. The plumber on my job should immediately be let go. They rarely came when they said they would and struggle resolving some basic issues. I'm confident that Presidential Pools customers would have a better experience if that plumber was fired even, if it made customers wait a little longer. In conclusion, I feel like Garret made my experience a good one. I still have some checklist items that need to be touched up so my review and rating may get updated but I'm very happy with my pool.
Kassandre JonesKassandre Jones
15:02 15 Mar 22
Worked with Nick as my sales person and Gary as my project manager. All communication was efficient and fast. Construction was 3.5 months from start to finish which in this day and age, is awesome! Love my pool! Any wait for it to warm up a bit to use it!
Southern Arizona Pools
Based on 91 reviews
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For More Information: Visit Their Website

Call For Consultation: 520-888-7629

Address: 3138 N Freeway Industrial Loop #100, Tucson, AZ 85705

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Benjamin CristoforiBenjamin Cristofori
15:22 11 May 24
World class experience! Justin & Steve were professional and efficient. The design phase with Justin was incredibly simple, and the construction work by Steve and his team was hands down the best contracting experience we've had. Highly recommend this team. Thank you Southern Arizona Pools.
Randy MasonRandy Mason
21:33 03 May 24
Fantastic pool builder! Justin and his crew did an amazing job designing our pool and helping us through the process of choosing all of our finishes. The site supervisor, Steve Minor, was/is Awesome! He can always be reached to answer any questions, or help out with any concerns during AND after construction! They actually care about their customer! Don't hesitate to have these guys in charge of making your backyard both fun and beautiful!!! Great job guys!!!
Lauren BLauren B
21:27 03 May 24
We could not be more pleased with the way our backyard project turned out. From design to completion, everyone we worked with was fantastic and each step of the process exceeded our expectations. Communication was easy and any needed adjustments were addressed quickly and graciously. Our family is absolutely loving the new pool, putting green, and artificial grass play space. The patio, outdoor kitchen, and landscaping look top-notch as well. There were so many hands involved in this project, but it really came together seamlessly and we appreciate the work and dedication put in by each one. Thank you, SoAz Pools!
Scott MeyersScott Meyers
23:53 24 Apr 24
Justin did a great job designing our pool and back yard. He had a lot of great suggestions we were not aware of. Their entire staff and subcontractors were very professional and super nice. We love our new backyard and pool. Thanks Justin!
Lezlie KellyLezlie Kelly
14:30 18 Apr 24
We've had such a positive experience working with Southern AZ pools. They are very professional, deliver what they promise and do really quality work. Friday late afternoon we had a small issue that needed looking at, I called Justin who just always picks up. It was dealt with the first thing Saturday morning. We love the way our pool turned out and will continue to recommend them to our friends and family.We are now on to year two of enjoying our pool, yard and BBQ! Can't thank Southern Arizona Pools enough for making it everything we wanted.
Michael KolacinskiMichael Kolacinski
20:14 11 May 23
Beautiful end product. Plenty of compliments from neighbors and relatives. We enjoy the pool and it’s 3 water features and night pool light. Fireplace and landscaping were installed professionally and look beautiful next to the pool. Outside kitchen is used often and compliments the whole package. Happy with the finished goods. Had a wonderful experience working with the install supervisor Steve Minor. Stand up guy that was all about making sure we were happy with each of the steps taken in building our pool. If we weren’t he would make sure things were fixed to our liking.
Craig RobertsCraig Roberts
18:47 09 May 23
I have waited three years to post this review because every new pool construction is impressive at first. But I think it is more impressive when a pool construction stands the test of time.I selected SoAz as my pool builder because of:Design - SoAz took the time to fully immerse themselves in the concept I was looking for. We selected a design that was fairly unique yet would add value to my property. SoAz came through with several design ideas with various features and price points. The design we selected was fairly extensive to include a pool, water features, landscaping, and a fairly significant extension of our existing patio area. After three years, the design is still breathtaking in the evening when the lights come on and the fire pots are lit!Engineering - SoAz provided a pool construction plan that was solidly anchored in the engineering plan and design. My SoAz pool has more than adequate filtration to maintain significant water quality and clarity while reducing chemical usage. If the water filters well and ozone purification is introduced, the cost of chemicals becomes very affordable and attractive. My total chemical costs are less than $12 per month. My ph is very easily maintained with very intervention.Ease of Use - My SoAz pool is very easy to enjoy. Our biggest decision is where to jump in. Our pool employs a moderate degree of automation, and the system reacts to the pre-programmed cycles we have established.Construction Phase - The process of the construction of our pool was certainly exciting. During construction, we had access to project management who checked in on our progress regularly. They were easy to contact and very responsive. Doing a total SoAz makeover will cause some occasional inconveniences. SoAz was there to make sure everything went smoothly. Each phase of the pool construction was addressed by skilled trades who specialized in the phase that was being completed at that juncture. Each and every skilled tradesman were accommodating and respectful.SoAz Pools has created a great recreational and living space for our family. I've included a few pictures with one "before" picture.
Jay GarrettJay Garrett
23:30 07 May 23
Justin was awesome at helping us design our pool. We went back and forth several times and he was patience with us getting the exact pool and features we desired . Steve was our supervisor and we never had to worry about the job being correct as he went above and beyond our expectations. Would highly recommend them.
Bob JewellBob Jewell
17:00 04 Apr 23
Soaz Pools did a put together a fantastic project transforming our backyard into a stay-cation oasis that we are able to use year-round with the amenities we added. Our designer Justin did an amazing job taking our inputs, showing pictures of "similar to" from their archives to help refine the vision into the finished product. Our Superintendent, Steve, is extremely knowledgeable, and ran a great project. The products used, and the quality of the craftsmanship that was ensured during build in the final product shows great attention to detail and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. We have highly recommended Soaz Pools to other friends that are also considering these types of services. Our dog Remington approves!
Pitta CamachoPitta Camacho
05:36 05 Aug 22
SoAz Pools did a beautiful job transforming our patio into the backyard of our dreams and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Justin turned our vision into a design and the team made it happen in 4 months. They were very informative throughout the process, all the contractors were very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We are so glad we went with SoAz and highly recommend them for your backyard/pool project.

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Questions To Ask While You Review Arizona Pool Contractors

Arizona residents already know the heat that summer brings. Imagine being able to cool down in your very own swimming pool? Arizona pool builders and pool financing can make this dream a reality. 

Make the stifling summer months a little more bearable. Here’s what you should know about building a pool, and finding the best Arizona pool builders and financing.

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What Costs The Most When Building A Pool In Arizona?

Although there are several different costs involved with building a pool, the installation process is the biggest cost. Depending on the type and size of the pool, installation can cost between $18,000 and $65,000. Fiberglass pools are more expensive, while vinyl pools are usually the most affordable, with costs usually below $45,000. 

Aside from installation, adding a deck or landscaping around the pool can also cost a lot, with some pool decks adding an additional $20,000 to the construction costs. 

Wondering how your neighbors afforded that pool your kids love? The answer is probably pool financing. Dive in and check offers today with no impact on your credit score. 

Should I DIY My Pool In Arizona?

While it’s possible to build your own pool, it’s strongly advised to find a trusted pool builder in Arizona instead. 

From building permits to excavating, building an inground pool is not a simple task. If you wish to DIY a pool consider an above ground pool. Afterall, a flooded yard from a pool sounds like a pretty costly clean up. Get the job done right and access financing when necessary. 

How Long Does It Take To Build A Pool In Arizona?

Building a pool can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks depending on several things like weather, the complexity of the pool design and the excavation process. Of course, each pool contractor in Arizona will have a different timeline for construction, but with patience and clear communication, you can have a new pool ready to enjoy in just a few weeks. Asking about timeline before committing to a pool builder is smart. Let them know you have expectations (even if you don’t). 

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Inground Pool In Arizona?

As with any construction project, the price can really vary. When it comes to a pool, factors such as materials, complexity, size and type of pool you want to install can all impact the price. As can the time of year. However, in Arizona, you can expect to spend anywhere from around $25,000 to $100,000 to install an inground pool, depending on the type of material you use. 

Costs can vary based on materials as mentioned, here’s a breakdown:

  • Concrete: $50,000-$100,000
  • Vinyl Liner: $25,000-$65,000
  • Fiberglass: $40,000-$85,000

Many homeowners want to install a pool but don’t want to spend years saving up. If you’re looking for a quick and seamless way to save time and money, the TGUC Financial platform can help connect you with both contractors, and financing partners to help you get your dream pool.

What Is The Average Cost To Build A Pool In Arizona?

The average cost to build a pool in Arizona is around $25,000, but prices can range from the low end of a few hundred dollars for an above-ground pool to $64,000 for a high-end inground pool. 

If you’re ready to build a pool in Arizona, head to TGUC Financial to get connect with trusted home improvement contractors and secure financing for your in-ground pool — all within one easy-to-use platform. 

What I Wish I Knew Before Building A Pool In Arizona?

If you’re in the process of pricing out or researching what is involved with pool building in Arizona, you don’t know what you don’t know, especially if this is your first-time. Ask lots of questions and reach out to friends and family members that have built pools. See what stories they share. Most importantly though, enjoy the process. You may be anxious to dive into your own pool, but take your time to make educated decisions and pay attention to the details. Keep the following in mind as you paddle through the pool building process in Arizona:

  • Materials matter (you get what you pay for)
  • Costs never end (maintenance is a lifetime requirement)
  • Carefully select a pool builder in Arizona that’s reputable

What Is The Most Expensive Part To Install An Inground Pool In Arizona?

The labor is often the most expensive part of installing an inground pool. Due to the excavation, digging and installation, the labor can sometimes equate to half of the cost of adding a pool. Once you witness the process take place, you’ll soon understand why.

What Type Of Inground Pool Lasts The Longest In Arizona?

Concrete pools are known to last the longest, but as we mentioned before – you get what you pay for. Concrete pools are often expensive and can take longer to build. Concrete pools are known to last for over 50 years without needing major repair or replacement. 

What Is The Most Expensive Part Of Owning A Pool In Arizona?

The most expensive part of owning a pool is often the equipment and materials, including the chemicals involved in maintaining the pool. Your pool will require a variety of equipment like pumps, pool vacuums, chlorine and more to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. On average, pool owners spend $180 a month during the pool season to maintain and clean the pool. 

What Time Of Year Is Cheapest To Build A Pool In Arizona?

It seems counterintuitive, but the best time to get a deal on installing a pool in Arizona is during winter. Why? Because pool builders in Arizona are in their slow season with more time and labor available. This often can result in discounts for homeowners looking to get a deal or discount on installing a new pool in Arizona.

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