Your kitchen is an important area where you connect with family and friends. Having a well-designed kitchen with the right colors can change the mood of a room and with the importance to the kitchen, you want the perfect color scheme for your kitchen cabinets. Color schemes are made up of an organization of colors that create a unified aesthetic. There are many different types of color schemes that create different kitchen environments.

White Kitchens

Designing your dream kitchen you have many options to give your kitchen some personality. Making your kitchen into a statement piece is a valid option, however, it can be beneficial to go for a simpler option, white.

The various shades of white present large amounts of creativity to give your kitchen a unique touch. This monochromatic kitchen is an elegant and clean design to provide open space and create an illusion of increased space. Although for some, the simplistic aesthetic of a white kitchen is considered too high maintenance and sterile.

One of the largest reasons to upgrade your cabinets to fit a white kitchen aesthetic is that it is timeless. Even throughout the many fads in design practices, white seems to never go out of style. Having white cabinets is an excellent way to make sure your kitchen does not get outdated. Due to it never going out of style, it will increase the overall resale value of your home. Although you may not be thinking about placing your house on the market, it is a stress-free option for potential buyers.

The kitchen acts as a gathering space. Opening up the area by having white kitchen cabinets gives an appearance of bright space. The white surfaces reflect the light of both interior lighting and sunlight to brighten up the entire room. Also, it creates an illusion of depth that makes your kitchen seem larger than it is.

Similar to a blank canvas, white gives many potential customizations. You can easily change countertops, appliances, furniture, flooring without the fear of a color mismatch. In addition, white tends to blend into any aesthetic. There are few kitchen cabinet color choices that can mix with any color that provides such versatile options from a playful mood to a clean modern look.

Although white kitchens provide a large amount of potential and allow for customization, they can be seen as cold and unwelcoming. The best way to avoid an unwelcoming white kitchen appearance is to pick out a variety of colored pieces to give your kitchen a warmer feeling.

Additionally, white is a difficult color to work with due to everything showing up clearly on them. The white kitchen cabinets are elegant but are seen as high maintenance due to dirt and dust being easily seen. It takes more work keeping everything squeaky clean, but continuously maintaining the cleanliness makes cleaning go faster. Along with them being highly susceptible to dirt, the wear and tear are more noticeable than darker cabinets. The white may get gradually more yellow as the wood ages.

Grey and Dark Kitchens

Gray and Dark kitchen cabinets are more of a statement than white, but they are still very customizable. In a large kitchen, white may not fit the room because it makes it look too boring and empty, using a gray or darker color will add shadows and decrease the feeling of space. There are many ways to incorporate gray or dark kitchen cabinets in your dream kitchen.

Gray Cabinets  

Although all-white kitchen cabinets are timeless, gray kitchen cabinets are trending and are meant to stay for a long time. They provide a stylish and chic modern style. The natural gray provides the perfect balance between the dark and white kitchens with less maintenance needed.

At times gray is seen as detached, neutral, and impartial. Using brighter accent colors can be beneficial to make it a more welcoming and warm area. Due to the neutral tone, few colors would not work with these cabinets. Adding in natural elements, like hardwood flooring and sunlight, can bring an earthy and fresh feeling to your home. 

Unlike white kitchens, gray is much easier to maintain. Less dirt and dust will show up on the cabinets. It needs less attention to the details while still looking stylish and chic. Gray kitchen cabinets are a valid option, however, they are slightly more expensive at the same quality as a white cabinet.

Dark Cabinets 

Dark kitchen cabinets are a bold option, however, depending on the shades around them can create a brilliant combination. There are many options with colors for dark kitchen cabinets from red to black. Depending on the space your kitchen is in, dark kitchen cabinets can improve the design of your dream house. 

Many are afraid that it will make the room appear smaller and not have enough natural light with a dark kitchen. This depends on how large your kitchen is originally and how much exposure it has. Although the dark color does not reflect light as well does not mean it can’t be a welcoming space. Adding lighter counters and natural flooring can help with this. 

This slick design adds a mature tone so some playful colors do not fit as well in the room. The amount of customization for dark kitchen cabinets is limited, but the kitchen will look elegant, warm, and welcoming with the right color combinations. 

Colorful Kitchens

Opening up your kitchen by making it brighter in your gathering space is important to make a welcoming home. Adding in colorful kitchen cabinets can do just this. For some, colorful cabinets are overwhelming but used with the right color combination it can be a fun, happy hub. 

Reds, yellows, and oranges are all very warm colors that stir up an appetite. Yellow and orange are common to make people feel more hungry, additionally red is seen as passion. The combination of all three of these creates an eating environment. What’s more fitting than that?

These bold colors are very bright and less common making the resale value may not be as high as it could be with a more neutral color. Furthermore, the color may drive potential buyers away, but if you’re planning on keeping your house off the market, it is a great option.

A more subtle color to have your cabinets are blues, greens, and purples. These can be eccentric while fitting a calmer, playful mood. This can be used as an accent in the room or it can be used uniformly. Adding a pop of color can make a sophisticated look and add character to your kitchen.


Creating the perfect kitchen has many important elements, but the most important is the color scheme for the kitchen cabinets. Using color and shades to produce a mood and tone of the room. This is the room where you make your connections, catch up with friends, and converse with family. Having the right color of your kitchen cabinets can do just that.