Luxury Kitchen: How to Build it With an Unlimited Budget

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What if you had the opportunity to create your dream luxury kitchen a reality without having to worry about the budget? What would you create? 

An unlimited budget makes the entire process of planning and building a kitchen easier. Or does it really?

With so many choices available, the decision-making process can seem overwhelming. Since money is not a question, we’ll help you put together your dream luxury kitchen. There are decisions to make, from choosing the overall design to the type and brand of appliances, down to high-end finishes and which paint colors to choose.

When everything is on the table, including the table itself, what would a luxury kitchen look like? Let’s explore what makes a kitchen high-end and what features, furnishings, and features make it a dream come true. 

High-End Features of a Luxury Kitchen

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Before building your gorgeous luxury kitchen, you need to know what makes a kitchen high-end. Does it simply refer to the amount you invest in it? Or is it something greater than that?

Luxury purchases are always something greater than a monetary investment. They’re about how you make use of that capital investment. They’re about experience.

Let’s look into the features of elegant luxury kitchens.

Perfect Balance Between Design and Function

There isn’t a single defining feature of a luxury kitchen.

One feature, however, that elevates the overall kitchen design is the perfect balance between design and function. Luxury kitchens take into consideration how something as simple as a faucet or a drawer pull looks, feels, and coordinates with the room, not just what the item does. In short, they are functional but also interesting and artistic. 

Often, this perfect balance comes in the form of coordinating different materials, styles, and finishes, such as wood and marble for a custom kitchen island, a sleek waterfall finish on the countertop, or the simplicity of handleless kitchen cabinets—relying solely on a push to open them.

Achieving the balance between that design and function means that you treat your kitchen as a comfortable living space, not just an area for necessity.

Keen Attention to Detail

A luxury kitchen is spotless, but not in the way that it stays clean all the time.

It is spotless in a way where every single detail is well-coordinated, from the color of the walls, cabinets, or backsplash down to the colors and texture of the kitchen cabinet handles. Nothing looks out of place. Everything looks like it was meant to be precisely where it is.

Hire a licensed contractor and an interior designer. As they work together to create the design and execute it in the space, your ideal luxury kitchen will come to life. They will be responsible for how your high-end equipment will fit seamlessly with the kitchen’s style to not only look great but also perform properly for years to come.

The keen attention to detail also includes being nitpicky with the materials used for the kitchen island, cabinets, shelves, and other kitchen fixtures.

Do you want a polished wood look for your cooking area? Carefully consider which type of wood material to pick. Thinking about having a marble or tile backsplash? Go through the color selections carefully. Make sure your color choices of individual items work with the overarching color scheme and design framework. Ask your designer for pro tips!

Smart Use of Space

Think about the most luxurious places you’ve been. One thing they have in common is a sense of awe in their presence. You know you’re experiencing something extraordinary and greater than yourself. Modern luxury kitchen design brings that same sense of wonder. The smart use of design can make you feel small because the space seems so free and open, yet everything is in reach and ready for you to interact with the space.

Efficient use of space does not only refer to maximizing a small area; it also means how to make the corners of a spacious area reachable.

No matter how large, your kitchen design must support the natural flow of how it is used every day. Along with planning the ideal kitchen layout, efficient use of space includes the types of appliances and storage you choose.

A French-door refrigerator or built-in wall fridge and freezer provide ample storage for your chilled and perishable goods. A walk-in pantry can store your dry goods and household supplies.  Many luxury kitchens also include a wet or dry bar with an ice maker, wine chiller, or beverage center for entertaining, or a second prep sink to wash and ready produce.

Since money isn’t a problem, find a contractor that knows how to maximize the potential of your kitchen space. Investing in how to use your area properly adds to the luxury it provides.

High-End Materials Used for a Luxury Kitchen

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Natural Wood

The use of quality natural wood always adds an elegant feel to the kitchen.

There are two main reasons why natural wood is common in luxury kitchens. First off, its durability is unmatched. Custom kitchen cabinets made of natural wood last longer than engineered wood because of their durability and strength. The handiwork that formed the cabinetry, of course, adds to the overall quality of the material.

Which type of wood you choose depends on your overall design aesthetic and whether you’ll have a stained or painted finish for your woodwork. It’s also possible to mix woods and finishes for an even more custom luxury look.

Stainless Steel & Metal

The glint from stainless steel and other metal finishes such as chrome, copper, or brass is another staple in luxury kitchens. It comes in various forms and don’t be afraid to mix them.

Commercial-grade cooking equipment such as stainless steel gas ranges or cooktops, range hoods, industrial-size refrigerators,  and even steel countertops and workstations help achieve a professional-looking kitchen. The grey and silver reflective colors can help make the space seem wider and brighter. 

Besides appliances, you can invest in steel kitchen cabinets, drawers, or shelves. Steel storage cabinets are easy to maintain and long-lasting. They also provide a sleek edge that makes your kitchen look more modern and advanced.

Fine Fabric

To soften an industrial or sleek style, it is essential to add some high-quality fabric to the upholstered furniture, window coverings, and table linens. 

If you want a kitchen island with ample space for dining, try an eye-catching fabric to cover the chairs. The design of the fabric brings together the luxurious look of the room.

When choosing a fabric for the kitchen, remember both design and function., An all-white fabric might be too risky for a kitchen where food is created and consumed. On the other hand, too dark fabrics can bring down the room’s mood if not balanced properly with other colors. 

Glass and Mirrors

Mirrors can do wonders for smaller spaces by making a room look wider and more spacious than it actually is. Mirrors in the kitchen can definitely add to its elegance.

In the same way, the use of glass materials also opens up the room. Open glass cabinets give you room to present your wares aesthetically and glass tiles can create a glint of light.

Glass windows work especially well when your kitchen has a wonderful view or to bring in natural light. Some designs go above and beyond by adding a skylight or light tunnel. An open roof adds to the room’s aesthetic value and lets more natural soft light in.

Quality Masonry Materials

Masonry materials, such as natural stone or brick serve as accent pieces for luxury kitchens.

Accent walls can act as the kitchen’s divider from the other areas of the house. Stone or tile accent walls provide more color, patterns, and texture, creating a focal point. Accent walls also serve as a break from the overall design that helps bring a sense of beauty and elegance to the kitchen.

Stone can also be used to help create the overall style of the kitchen, from sleek and modern to a more rustic chic or cottage core vibe. Reclaimed wood, exposed beams, barn doors, and natural stone can help you achieve a comfortable rustic theme for your kitchen.

Natural stone such as marble, granite, and quartz are also one of the go-to styles in luxurious kitchens, often used in countertops, but they can also include the entire body of a freestanding custom island.

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

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Adequate Use of Metallic Materials 

Metallic finishes, such as brass, chrome, copper, and rose gold alloys are excellent statement pieces for your kitchen. A white kitchen can be elevated in an instant when accents of copper are incorporated into the fixtures. Its contrasting color brings dimension to the entire style immediately.

Wood Flooring

One of the more famous luxury kitchen design ideas is investing in wide plank wood flooring. Wood flooring comes in different stains and styles that will match your aesthetic. You can choose from dark chocolate stains to beachy light sand tones to grays or whitewashed wood that is smooth and sleek or distressed for a more rustic feel. , 

The color and pattern of the wood add a touch of elegance to the kitchen, whether your cabinets are solid wood or smooth and shiny acrylic. Wood flooring can help ground a kitchen and balance the gloss of other fixtures.

Natural Stone Countertops

A large expanse of your kitchen is countertops or workstations. They are visible from a distance and create an outline of the room’s layout.

A luxurious take on these countertops is to use custom solid surfaces such as marble, granite, or quartz. You can mix the color and materials used on your island’s countertop and perimeter cabinets for added interest.

Natural stone countertops are the epitome of luxury kitchens because no two stones are alike. You’ll want to pay attention to the stone’s veining, pattern, and color variations that will be uniquely your own. In many cases, you’ll be able to choose the exact piece of stone you want to use in your kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Regardless of how a kitchen looks, it must have durable kitchen cabinets.

With the worries of having a limited budget out of the way, you can splurge on high-end kitchen cabinets, such as soft-close handleless cabinets. Handleless cabinets offer a smooth exterior that makes them elegant to look at. The perfect arrangement of these cabinets makes them seem like a pattern of tiles on your kitchen wall.

Handleless cabinets are more than just their pretty exterior. The convenience they bring is also top-notch. To open a cabinet, you only need to push it lightly before it opens completely. This feature is beneficial when you have your hands full or when your hands are still dirty.

There are also several luxury kitchen cabinet brands that you can check out. Hampshire is at the top of its game for traditional luxury cabinets. On the other hand, Prevo is an all-around favorite for custom-made cabinetry systems. 

Walk-In Pantry

There is always a certain kind of awe when you walk into a large pantry to see dry goods, kitchenware, and household items organized and ready. Some walk-in pantries are butler’s pantries and have space for preparation of food and drink or service areas for entertaining.

A walk-in pantry needs more cabinets, shelves, and food-grade storage units. The room should have the same design concept as the main kitchen to fit seamlessly into the space. Trust in your contractor and designer to work it all out in the end.

Open Shelf Pantry System

Instead of a separate room from your pantry, you might prefer an open-shelf pantry system surrounding the kitchen area. 

The open shelves serve as additional storage space for the base and wall cabinets. The shelves can hold the most used utensils and most frequently-used ingredients. They can also serve as your spice and condiments racks.

There is a certain air of elegance that comes with storing your goods on open shelves. It makes your kitchen look like a display room, but everything is accessible and within reach.

The luxury of having these types of display shelves also requires knowing how the goods should be placed. Haphazardly stacking them will not cut it. You should take time to consider which pieces go well together to make your open pantry look more glamorous.

Industrial-Grade Equipment

Nothing makes a kitchen look more expensive than using industrial-grade cooking equipment.

The price of each piece of equipment can range from one to several thousand dollars. Now imagine an entire kitchen with industry-grade equipment. Your kitchen will be as professional and luxurious as it can be.

To complete the look, other kitchen utensils like knives and cooking wares should be high quality as well. Go all out, especially when you love to cook or entertain on a daily basis.

You can also modify your kitchen island to include a butcher block, creating an essential workstation for meal preparation and elevating both the design and function of your kitchen. 

Custom Kitchen Islands

Luxury kitchens don’t settle for ready-made materials. Customizing a kitchen island makes it one of a kind and perfectly yours.

You have the reins when it comes to custom islands. You can change their form completely and alter the materials to complement the design, depending on how you plan to use it. Kitchen islands are the center of the space and offer a place for eating, preparing food, and serving. 

Apart from the cabinets, you can include a small chiller on the island to store cold drinks or food items. If you want to step up your game, you can make it a wine chiller to provide easy access to perfect temperature wine at any time. Other kitchen islands contain microwave drawers, trash compactors, sinks, or cooktops, depending on your design.

It’s also possible to customize an island to add seating capacity. Most luxury kitchen islands have chairs or stools that allow for informal eating and entertaining.  Think about how you’ll use your kitchen island and create one that works for the way you live.

Accent Backsplash

The glam in these luxury kitchens is not just aesthetic. Most of the time, the artistic elements serve an essential purpose.

Backsplashes, for example, are like blank canvases. Designers play with their presentations to make their designs stand out from the existing wall. But let’s not forget backsplashes are designed to be an easily wipeable surface to keep your kitchen looking beautiful and clean.

Most of the time, backsplashes serve as an accent piece for the kitchen wall. Designers and contractors make use of different colored or unusually shaped tiles to create dimension and visual interest.

The luxury of having an accent backsplash comes from how it adds to the kitchen’s overall look. It is a product of professional planning and the freedom to choose high-grade materials for the area.

Benefits of Having a Luxury Kitchen

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Owning a luxury kitchen isn’t all about spending money or showing off. They have several long-lasting benefits.

Properly Planned Kitchen

It goes without saying that luxury kitchens have proper plans courtesy of licensed contractors, architects, and engineers. They work together to provide the best possible outcome for their client.

You’ll notice the thorough planning once the kitchen becomes the materialized and practical version of the owner’s vision. A properly planned kitchen is a breeze to work in. Everything’s in its proper place and is the best quality that money can buy.

Aside from being a comfortable place to work in, planned spaces are safe and secure. Safety is a priority in kitchens because of all the flammable and sharp materials in the area. Luxury kitchens are safe due to the arduous professional planning that considered both form and function when designing the space.

Long-Lasting Durability in a Luxury Kitchen

Everything used daily gets its fair share of its wear and tear, luxury kitchens included. But the investment in quality materials adds even more durability to stand up against accumulated use.

Industrial-grade kitchen equipment lasts for many years, especially when it’s well taken care of. Luxury cabinets and shelves don’t need regular repairs because of the sturdy materials they are made of.

Your investment in both high-grade materials and high-end kitchen equipment pays off over time. The replacement rate is lower compared to lower grade materials. And when you have money to buy quality, make sure to buy quality.

Increase Home’s Resale Value with a Luxury Kitchen

When you’re ready to sell your house, you can list it at a high value because of the luxury kitchen alone.

High-end custom kitchens create value because of the materials used, equipment, and the overall planning that went behind it.

Homebuyers place a premium on a custom kitchen that is ready for them to enjoy when they move in, without having to undertake a renovation on their own. That means you can command a higher price point and recuperate your investment.

Luxury Kitchen Dream Come True

Lastly, one of the most powerful benefits of a luxury kitchen is personal.

Owning and managing a luxury kitchen is a dream come true. As you watch it slowly come together in front of you, you realize how far you’ve come in life. Aside from that, you realize that not all dreams remain ethereal. Some are right within reach.

Spending a sizable sum of money to materialize your dream is definitely worth it. You get to enjoy every day in your modern kitchen and make memories in it with your family and friends. 

Final Takeaways About a Luxury Kitchen

With the worries of a limited budget out of the picture, constructing a luxury kitchen is within reach.

As you start planning for your future kitchen, make sure to consider the features that make it elegant. It’s not always about the money, but the amount you invest contributes to its overall value. Use your space wisely, especially when you are remodeling your current layout.

Also, don’t gloss over the convenience that comes with hiring professionals, such as contractors and architects. Regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating, a professional can help align your choices and present better options to achieve your vision.

Lastly, do your research. Learn which materials provide the best quality of comfort and service. Buy the best quality that you can afford. The luxury increases when you are comfortable in your own space and enjoy what you see every day.

Go all out with your dream luxury kitchen!