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As clichéd as it may seem, a home’s kitchen serves as its heart and center of the house. It is where many heartwarming and stomach growling memories are made. It usually serves as an informal place where the whole family gathers especially when someone is cooking or baking. It has become an important and ideal gathering place for family and friends, so it is also crucial to give the extra care it needs during a kitchen remodel for the guaranteed continuous creation of the best memories. TGUC Financial can help you find a remodeling contractor as well as assist you with financing.

Furthermore, it has been proven that doing a kitchen renovation project increases your home’s value, giving additional incentive to undertake a kitchen remodel. As a good homeowner, it is wise to be knowledgeable first with some helpful tips before heading off to start your kitchen renovation project. Here are 7  things to keep in mind before doing a kitchen renovation.

1. Plan Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

A kitchen renovation is one of the larger financial commitments to make in your home. A great kitchen renovation can definitely add additional value to your home, making it worth the investment. Updating your kitchen with newly bought appliances will also add to your home’s value and will attract more potential buyers during resale. Know more about the best financing options to aid you in making your renovation project possible. It is also wise to leave an extra space for funds in your budget which will cover unexpected costs you haven’t considered and may encounter.

2. Do Not Relocate or Avoid Relocating Services

As much as possible, try to maintain or keep the current location of services such as gas, electrical, and plumbing. Unless moving services is unavoidable, the cost of relocating services can really max out your budget. This may mean losing the opportunity to include some of the desirable features you had your heart set on. You’re lucky if you happen to hire a good kitchen designer who can achieve the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted while working with the location of required services.

3. Avoid Kitchen Remodel Design Fads

Just like other investments, a kitchen renovation should last for years for it to be worthy of the investment. Homeowners are easily persuaded by kitchen design fads which may become bad financial decisions that affect them when they feel the urge to renovate or repaint again just to be up with the colors and finishes in style.

Remember there is a difference between being “trendy” and being “on-trend.” It requires keeping yourself updated on the latest trends including those which are well out of vogue and are not worth investing in. It also means shunning trends that prove to be a handful when it comes to maintenance. The last thing you want is to make mistakes while picking the style of your cabinetry, countertops and such.These cannot be fixed easily.

Choose color schemes and layouts that are neutral or timeless. If you have a good designer, then she/he should be able to suggest finishes and colors that can contribute to making your dream kitchen elegant-looking and giving you better value for money.

4. Lighting is Everything

A good lighting layout can do wonders for your kitchen. Keep in mind that the smallest change in things can greatly affect the result, so small changes in the lighting can contribute to the ambiance of your kitchen. Although lighting may not appear important to homeowners in kitchen renovation, it is still one of the factors that are crucial in designing your long-awaited dream kitchen.

Task-lighting is the most important element in kitchen lighting as it keeps the working/cooking area properly lit up while preparing ingredients and meals.

On the other hand, accent and ambient lighting improves the overall ambiance of the kitchen, hence the name ambient. However, as mentioned above, task-lighting is crucial. Therefore having the right plan for the task lighting will prevent potential costly problems once the project is finished.

5. Prioritize in Considering Your Available Space

There may be numerous kitchen designs and ideas to choose from to apply in your dream-kitchen, but it is also wise to consider whether it is applicable to the space you currently have. If possible, you can utilize additional space from another room.

Concentrate on the features that you want your kitchen to have as these will be the priorities in planning the renovation. Remember not to omit the kitchen triangle. Basically, it is the relationship of the main elements in a kitchen and getting it correct will provide a functional kitchen.

6. Are You Considering Additions to Your Kitchen?

Sometimes, in a kitchen remodel, major considerations in planning mostly revolve around a new addition. So here are 3 important questions to ask yourself when planning your budget and layout:

  • Do you need more space?
  • Could you save some money by adjoining two rooms close together?
  • Would this proposal work?

If your house has a bathroom, pantry, or laundry room near the kitchen area, it’s a piece of cake in stealing a space from these rooms. By merging rooms, you have a mini remodel on your hands.

7. Any Appliances You Want to Install in Mind? How About Lighting Systems?

Yes, appliances are a necessity to any kitchen and it doesn’t necessarily mean the toaster oven, microwave, or can opener. We are referring to the hood, dishwasher, and the cooktops.

If you’re planning on adding any of the mentioned appliances, ensure that you give it enough breathing space as some appliances need it more than others for functional and construction purposes. These kinds of appliances include the hood since  it requires extra room for it to properly ventilate.

There are also add-ons that need the help of electricians or plumbers to get the work done, so also ensure that you have the budget for that as well.

TGUC Financial Can Help With What a Kitchen Remodel Cost

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