Flooring can be a mirror of your identity, and for others, it can also be their perception of you. For instance, lighter floors make rooms feel larger and enable the room to appear brighter. Meanwhile, darker floors make your room smaller since it absorbs the light coming into the room. For some, this connotes isolation. 

Flooring is crucial to who you are. That is why one must take good care of it, especially if there is a need for remodeling. However, how would you know if you need to remodel your floors? 

There are several reasons. 

One of the main reasons is safety liability. Leaving cracked tiles could hurt you or anyone in your family. So, you remodel them to avoid possible accidents that may happen. If ever you want to change or update the look of your house, remodeling your floors could also help you with this process. 

There are many reasons why you would need to remodel your flooring as there are various reasons, too, why they can get cracked or broken. Take these five best remodeling solutions for your broken flooring and apply what you believe is most applicable.

Remodeling Broken flooring

Changing your broken flooring, may it be of wood, vinyl, or laminate, you must know the basics. There are Do-It-Yourself videos available online that you can learn from. However, this can not be guaranteed as there are some complicated cases. 

You need to know how to remodel it appropriately to avoid further problems and expenses in the future. In 2020, the total U.S. home improvement expenditure reached around 457 billion U.S. dollars.

In most cases, homeowners decide to remodel their respective abodes to become more comfortable, more efficient, and safer. As this tails another expense, one always finds ways to take what helps them save an amount. Here are some of the common floor problems and the possible solutions you can perform to fix them. 

  1. Fixing a Squeaky Floor

Squeaking is a noise that most likely comes from a poorly-built subfloor. This happens when a house settles and the wood flooring expands. As a result, this enables floorboards to rub against each other. It could also rub against the subfloor or the nail casings. When there is squeaky wood in your house, you must check it as there could be something wrong already. 

To fix this, you first find where the sound originated or the ‘squeaky area.’ Once you locate the squeaky area, you can start with the repair. You may use the following methods in fixing your squeaky floors. 

  • Use Carpenter’s Glue
  • Use a Squeak-Ender
  • Try the Topside Repair
  1. Fixing Popping Tiles

Tile popping is considered one of the most common problems in any house. Trapped air inside the tile is one cause of it.  Apart from the trapped air, tile popping can also be because of an unlevel subfloor. To avoid this, the screening process must be of quality materials. 

Further, popping tiles can also be because of an uncleaned subfloor or usage of bad quality adhesive, to name a few. You may switch the popping tile for a new one but this does not guarantee you a solved problem in the long term. A few months after, the popping might reoccur in the same area. As most would suggest, you should remodel the entire area. 

  1. Fixing Buckling Floors

If you notice humps on your floor, that is a warning sign of wood buckling. Wood buckling happens due to excessive moisture or high humidity wherein the floor is exposed to. 

One of the causes of floor buckling is when the wood flooring pulls up from the subfloor. This happens when the floor has been flooded for a period or there is moisture from below the subfloor. Some might do with leaking appliances, recent flooding, or spills that were not cleaned immediately. 

To fix buckling floors, you need to remove the molding first. Then, you change out the spacers and replace the damaged boards. 

  1. Repairing Chipped Tile

Some common causes of chipped tiles may include dropping any hard and heavy object on the tile, dragging metal heals on the tile, and others. One thing that you can do when your tile is chipped is to remove it and replace it with new ones. Make sure to use a tile that fits the same style, color, and shape of the tile.  To remove your chipped tile, you may scrape out all the grout surrounding your chipped tile. 

Aside from unpleasant tile exposure, a chipped tile could also become a safety issue since this may cause one to trip while walking in it. 

  1. Fixing Scratched Wood Floors 

If your floor is plagued with scuffs from various furniture legs and others that can cause scratches in it, you can still fix it. You just use a quality wood cleaner to clean the surface wherein you notice scratches. You may use a paste wax to make these scratches less noticeable. 

However, for deep scratches, it takes much more time since these need to be sanded, repaired, and refinished. 


Your flooring is crucial not only for the appearance of your home but also for your safety and the occupants of your house. The house should be your private space, and as much as possible you must ensure its safety.

There are lots of flooring concerns that you might have faced or will experience in the future. There are some instances that you can fix on your own. But for those complicated flooring problems, you must seek help from a professional. This is for you to avoid further problems and additional expenses for unsuccessful attempts.

If you are planning to remodel your house’s flooring but have no knowledge of how much cost is involved, you can directly ask for help from a professional that has enough knowledge to assess the area. Remodeling is a big project and so it is important that you do it right. If you fail, this could possibly cost you more in the long run. 

However, to avoid future remodeling, try to not buy cheap flooring materials for your floors from the start. If you choose substandard ones, this will cost you again next time. Flooring, like your entire house, is a good investment but surely it needs maintenance. So think of how you can sustain it before you start anything.